Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We believe that sustainability should be for everyone, regardless of income level or social position. We believe that every project should be a living building and free of toxic chemicals and fossil fuel use.

Our Mission

The Green Warrior Society is a network of thought leaders in the building industry dedicated to providing pro-bono design and delivery services for projects that push the limits of sustainability and social justice.

We pair non-profit organizations seeking cutting edge solutions with design and planning experts – providing services for free or at reduced fees – as well as academic institutions, product manufactures and funders to deliver transformational projects that help diminish the gap between current limits and the positive outcomes we seek.

Our goal is to channel significant portions of our profits towards projects that uplift communities in need.

Who We Help

If you are a registered non-profit doing work with underserved communities addressing poverty, health, or environmental conservation and need help with deep green facility design, engineering and construction – including fundraising – then we may be able to help. The Green Warrior Society works exclusively with organizations that have powerful social or environmental missions and address issues such as climate change, habitat loss, resource depletion, and social justice.

Our Purpose

Simply put, we care. We recognize the vast inequities within the current global economic framework; one which concentrates wealth in the hands of a privileged few while the majority of the world’s people increasingly struggle to survive and care for their families.

It is no secret that those with the greatest needs typically have the least amount of support and the worst infrastructure. Non-profits work tirelessly to create social change and require facilities to help them carry out their missions, yet often these organizations do not have the tools necessary to raise money or sufficient interest from potential funders. As a result many hardworking organizations are relegated to facilities that are unsuited to their needs, diminishing their potential for success.

We know we cannot fix all of society’s inequities, but we can make contributions by applying our skills to solve design problems. Members of the Green Warrior Society work on some of the world’s most influential green building projects with clients that are able to pay competitive market rates. Our goal is to channel significant portions of our profits towards projects that uplift communities in need.

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