William Jefferson Clinton Children’s Center

Port Au Prince, Haiti

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Project Description

McLennan Design donated services to help design an orphanage for children in Haiti to replace a previously successful orphanage in Port au Prince destroyed in the 2010 earthquake. Following construction of the orphanage and children’s center, Foundation Enfant Jesus—a nongovernment, nondenominational, apolitical charitable organization that operated the original orphanage—will operate the center. The center’s mission is to provide for the immediate health and emotional needs of orphaned children and provide a pathway to adoption.

McLennan Design worked to support the US Green Building Council in their vision to produce a LEED Platinum orphanage, developing the design concepts that began at HOK. Working with new partners and a new site, MD completed design development, interior design, and documentation necessary for construction. Thomas Knittel, previously the design lead at HOK, and Blake Gallagher continued this effort at MD and ensured continuity. New partners included water, waste, mechanical, electrical and structural engineering, landscape design, project management and key donors.

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